Marian’s Corner

February 6, 2010

If you have navigated all the way through my web site, and find yourself reading this first post, I want to thank you personally for visiting MM Event Services. In fact, there are several people I would like to mention and thank for helping me throughout my career. So much of the food we prepare is either from or adaptations of recipes that have come from family and friends. Our rolls are originally from a Womens’ circle from my church, the Angel Biscuits are adapted from my good friend Marybeth and her family recipe. My favorite cake, Red Pound Cake is my mother in law, Mary Jo’s, and we owe the granola to Miss Betty. Growing up I have very vivid memories of the sights and smells of wonderful creative dishes being prepared in our home by my mother, who, ahead of her day, was an extraordinarily innovative cook, and also her mom, Great, who made the most unbelievable pies and cakes. These women passed along their knowledge and love of cooking to both my sister and myself. And it is upon those and many other shoulders that I stand in my endeavours to provide these and many other dishes prepared with the same love of cooking that I witnessed as a child. Without question the most thanks and gratitude goes to my sister, who has her own catering company and in fact,I encourage you to visit her web site at Susans Catering.Com. We love working together and are in the process of developing a product line of our specialty items available to go. Be on the look out for Sisters Cooking line of home made products.
And so, for now, I hope you will call or contact us for your next event, or just for a chat about cooking. It is always a pleasure to be a part of your special occasions.
Marian Worley