March, thank God!

March 1, 2010

With  thoughts of spring peeking through my head, like those first tiny sprigs of mint peeking through the leaf mulch, we are  planning for what looks to be a very busy spring season. The menu planning we have done all winter is beginning to work  its way into production, starting with news from local farm sources that this year will be a bumper crop year for strawberries, which is encouraging as I planted several plants in my own garden and am hoping for at least a few handfuls. But that is the thing about gardening, you just have to be patient, see what Nature provides and enjoy what you do harvest.m We  still have plenty of pesto, sun dried tomatoes, dried herbs, pumpkin, and preserves as well as some local peaches, berries, and zucchini left in the freezer to offer on  menus, and am planning for some great local produce to be available this spring. Feel free to ask what is in season.This winter I did a little more work on perfecting wheat biscuits, a slightly crunchier, nuttier version of the angel biscuits, and also on flat bread, Italian bread, pizzas, and savory crackers. What else are you going to do on  cold and snowy days?  It was of interest that Whole Wheat graham flour was actually named for a pioneer in healthy eating , Sylvester Graham, who invented the flour in 1829. I will be working the rest of the winter and on in to the spring on home made graham crackers to go with the homemade marshmallows I have been making for about 3 yearts now, s’mores anyone?
Marian Worley