June 2010

After a very busy springtime filled with some great parties, I am finally able to pay some much needed attention to the gardens. The floods we had back in May slowed down the blooming of my tomatoes, but with some additional nutritional support they seem to be blooming and my first Early Girls are already ripe. This morning I picked more broccoli, snow peas, some yellow squash and some bush beans, Sheer bliss. The herbs are glorious and the drying process is already beginning so all of you will get fresh organic dried herbs all year round. It is actually time for the first batches of pesto.
This summer I will be working on some new recipes, roasted street corn off the cob with red chile creme fraiche, shrimp fritters with jerk sauce for dipping, grilled chicken with white bar b que sauce, and roasted local vegetables. Also, I am offering a twist on a favorite southern staple, cheese grits topped with homegrown tomato, basil, and balsamic reduction.
And then there are the cobblers.
Give me a call, I’ll bring some over.