Holiday Season

With the Holiday Season upon us, comes baking, baking, baking. At the kitchen can be found various pots of bubbling candy, pans of sweets, and cookies by the hundreds. It is also a time where the bounty put by during the growing season comes back out of the pantry and freezers and is put to work flavoring and enhancing winter meals. While I am a huge advocate of comfort foods traditionally prepared for this time of year, I have noticed a few of my clothes seem to have “shrunk” in the dryer, so there will be every effort made to use the more flavorful dried herbs, vegetables, preserves and to always focus on the foods we can still find abundantly in season and regionally to add flavor and nutrition, and always to eliminate as many preservatives, and additives as possible. A focus on sustainability is always in season.
How much fudge you eat is up to you.