Welcome 2011

After a very busy summer and holiday season it is a wonderful time to begin planning new garden ideas, more menu items and collect interesting display pieces, all of which I am doing during these snowy days. So far we have added to the menu the most wonderful in house fried flavored flour tortilla chips and corn tortilla chips. I have invested in a press, and am working with masa flour and natural beet, spinach and jalapeno flavors and colors to make our own tortillas. The in season blood oranges and Meyers lemons available make wonderful marmalade, and I have in fact begun to cultivate my first Meyers lemon tree for local produce for next winter. Wish me luck there!. New sweets are handmade and white and dark chocolate dipped salt caramels, coconut cupcakes, chocolate mint buttercream brownies, and tiny chess, fudge , and lemon pies, all bite size. There has been enough fresh summer peaches, blueberries and blackberries put back from the summer for pies and cobblers. I have homegrown pumpkin puree and zucchini for some delicious sweet brunch breads. And there are still plenty of homegrown dried herbs, tomatoes, figs, peppers, and preserved tomatoes, fruit preserves, chutneys, local honeys, and relishes for preparing delicious meals for your next event! So settle in for the rest of the winter, call us for spring and summer bookings, and stay warm!