Happy Valentines Day!

What a great way to celebrate an engagement, a party for Valentines. You do not have to ask me twice, my husband and I celebrated our 27th anniversary on February 14th. The party was a success for the couple, but I just have to share the thank you note I got two days later. And enjoy the pictures.

Hi Marian,
Thank you SO MUCH for the party the other night!!!!!

Everything on the menu was just delicious. The pizzas were a huge hit, and I loved every single item, the brie & fruit, the sliders, the spinach dip, the DESSERTS! So, so good. I could taste the ‘homemade’ in everything. The pizza crust was perfection.

I know it was hectic, but you did such a great job from start to finish with putting things out, cleaning up, and keeping us on schedule. I loved it when I wandered into the kitchen at one point and all the boys were gathered around the island and you were feeding them pizzas right off the board :-) )))). They had a great time.

I appreciate so much your hard work, your professionalism, and your talent. You are amazing, and I couldn’t do what you do in a million years.

Thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to working together again on the garden club dinner in July.

Happy Valentine’s Day :-) ))