Growing your own produce: a note on bugs and dirt.

Once a web designer friend of mine, who was consulting with me on picture choices for my web site referred to some of my original photos as “sort of dirty looking”. I was shocked. He suggested we use animated perfect looking pictures of fruits and vegetables instead of my real time, home grown, or locally purchased offerings.
After about a year of pondering, asking questions , researching, I have come to the conclusion that the produce we purchase from stores, neatly lined up in rows, and packaged, or photos we imagine as the images of perfect produce are manufactured for “curb appeal” and are not reflective of really fresh, naturally grown produce. I, personally am skeptical of any produce without blemishes, and yes, a little dirt. Much less produce that has a shelf life of much more than a few days. I want my garden vegetables to come from THE GARDEN, and I want them free of food enhancers, except for maybe a blemish or two. Those imperfections mean they are natural. It is bad enough that we feel the need to alter our own selves to fit an image of unattainable perfection in order to be accepted, but now we do it to the food that sustains us. Every moth, caterpillar, bee, and yes, cicada, is part of the great food chain and sustains some other creature that God has put forth in nature. Dirt is the foundation upon which we all stand. And any evidence that your food has come through a natural process is desirable and should be cherished. Proper handling, preparation, and preservation is vital, and there are procedures for that, but believe me, after a good wash, a little prep, nothing is better than farm to table eating.