Here’s what all the fuss is about.

So why do we bother with all the trouble to find the best local, fresh, and natural products? The answer is that it simply tastes so much better. Not to mention there is less impact on our environment, that we are supporting local individuals, and that we are looking to provide the best quality of food we can find for YOU, our clients. About two weeks ago, I met a beautiful young woman and two of her children who were selling honey outside of Whole Foods. I am a honey snob, and am constantly looking for local sources, different flavors, and colors. When Rhianna showed me her wares, I noticed the honey had crystalized, so I sort of stammered a bit and she informed me that raw unfiltered natural unprocessed honey would crystalize as it had not been heated. And of course, in heating, all the natural goodness honey has to offer is destroyed. She told me to simply set the jar out in the sun and let it warm before serving. So I did. And oh my goodness, warmed honey drizzled over fruit, or biscuits is just something you must experience. I emailed her immediately, ordered a case to share with you all year, and also bought her farm fresh eggs and some delicious yogurt, which I had with local strawberries and some of the honey. It is one big life, and we are all in it together. Mine just got a little better.