“Green” is the New Biscuit

20130724-113938.jpgNow you know I love a biscuit as much as the next person, warm with melted Amish butter and some blackberry preserves, that is my idea of a taste of Heaven. However, over the past year our clients are becoming increasingly interested in plant based vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free offerings. After a multitude of kitchen based scoffing, some soul searching and then research, I personally have adopted that specific style of eating and am currently offering it as a choice in all menus. Just as an option should one be interested. We still prepare thousands of rolls, biscuits, baked goods, and always will, we are adding options for a wider range of specific diets. It is an exciting time for us in the kitchen as we explore new recipes and adapt our favorites to create these new menus. Add one item or as many as you like! And should you want some green smoothie shots to start things off, I am game to give a try. I have one every day and they are my new addiction!