Love Notes


What a great year we have had at MM Event Services. More and more weddings are coming in and two of them are my niece, Shelby who is like a daughter to me and my very own daughter, Paige. It has been an exciting year and wearing the MOB hat as well as the AOB (Aunt of the Bride) has helped so much in understanding how important it is to be a strong team member for each and every bride. It is only … [Read more...]

“Green” is the New Biscuit


Now you know I love a biscuit as much as the next person, warm with melted Amish butter and some blackberry preserves, that is my idea of a taste of Heaven. However, over the past year our clients are becoming increasingly interested in plant based vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free offerings. After a multitude of kitchen based scoffing, some soul searching and then research, I … [Read more...]

When a Man Picks a Menu

My client and friend, Susie planned a graduation party for her son and let him pick his favorite foods for the menu. Who knew? It was a huge hit and the winner of the night was his favorite dessert, old fashioned banana pudding with whipped cream. I will definitely suggest this menu again and forever it will be called "Collin's Menu". It made me realize that while there is an awful lot of … [Read more...]

Here’s what all the fuss is about.

So why do we bother with all the trouble to find the best local, fresh, and natural products? The answer is that it simply tastes so much better. Not to mention there is less impact on our environment, that we are supporting local individuals, and that we are looking to provide the best quality of food we can find for YOU, our clients. About two weeks ago, I met a beautiful young woman and two of … [Read more...]

Don’t you just love a wedding?

I love all parties. But there is something very special about being a part of a wedding. From meeting the family, visiting the wedding venue, planning the special day, it all brings forth such a special intimate feeling. I am very grateful to be a part of such a momentous event, from rehearsal dinners, bridesmaid brunches, and of course, the wedding reception. No matter how big or small the guest … [Read more...]

Growing your own produce: a note on bugs and dirt.

Once a web designer friend of mine, who was consulting with me on picture choices for my web site referred to some of my original photos as "sort of dirty looking". I was shocked. He suggested we use animated perfect looking pictures of fruits and vegetables instead of my real time, home grown, or locally purchased offerings. After about a year of pondering, asking questions , researching, I have … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day!

What a great way to celebrate an engagement, a party for Valentines. You do not have to ask me twice, my husband and I celebrated our 27th anniversary on February 14th. The party was a success for the couple, but I just have to share the thank you note I got two days later. And enjoy the pictures. Hi Marian, Thank you SO MUCH for the party the other night!!!!! Everything on the menu was just … [Read more...]

Welcome 2011

Caramels in chocolate made one at a time.

After a very busy summer and holiday season it is a wonderful time to begin planning new garden ideas, more menu items and collect interesting display pieces, all of which I am doing during these snowy days. So far we have added to the menu the most wonderful in house fried flavored flour tortilla chips and corn tortilla chips. I have invested in a press, and am working with masa flour and natural … [Read more...]

Holiday Season

These butternuts are from my garden.

With the Holiday Season upon us, comes baking, baking, baking. At the kitchen can be found various pots of bubbling candy, pans of sweets, and cookies by the hundreds. It is also a time where the bounty put by during the growing season comes back out of the pantry and freezers and is put to work flavoring and enhancing winter meals. While I am a huge advocate of comfort foods traditionally … [Read more...]

Bounty from the Garden

It is nice to know where the food comes from

July and August bring forth an abundance of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, and it is just about the most glorious sight to wake up each morning just after sun rise to see the morning dew still clinging to the day's harvest. Picking won't begin until later in the day, after full sun dries out the plants, but the anticipation of preparing the menu for the day, and planning what produce will … [Read more...]