June 2010

After a very busy springtime filled with some great parties, I am finally able to pay some much needed attention to the gardens. The floods we had back in May slowed down the blooming of my tomatoes, but with some additional nutritional support they seem to be blooming and my first Early Girls are already ripe. This morning I picked more broccoli, snow peas, some yellow squash and some bush beans, … [Read more...]

Springtime in the South

April 12, 2010 The planting begins after a slow start to the spring. But with a wonderful new crop of organic compost, some green sand, and some mushroom compost I am ready for the first crops to begin to grow. So far I have lots of beautiful herbs, some lettuces, and am counting the strawberry blossoms daily. In the meantime, we still have to rely on the farmer's market and some wonderful … [Read more...]

March, thank God!

Marian Worley

March 1, 2010 With  thoughts of spring peeking through my head, like those first tiny sprigs of mint peeking through the leaf mulch, we are  planning for what looks to be a very busy spring season. The menu planning we have done all winter is beginning to work  its way into production, starting with news from local farm sources that this year will be a bumper crop year for strawberries, which … [Read more...]

Marian’s Corner


February 6, 2010 If you have navigated all the way through my web site, and find yourself reading this first post, I want to thank you personally for visiting MM Event Services. In fact, there are several people I would like to mention and thank for helping me throughout my career. So much of the food we prepare is either from or adaptations of recipes that have come from family and friends. Our … [Read more...]